Flavored vodka can be a sugary trap

If you are carefully tracking your carbohydrate intake, you might be using vodka as your adult beverage of choice. It's true that plain vodka does not contain carbohydrates, but that is not necessarily the case with flavored vodkas. While current laws do not require distillers to release carbohydrate content, individuals have contacted different alcohol companies in the past requesting carbohydrate information. Informal claims range from zero for Absolut brand, 2g/shot for some Smirnoff flavors, and up to 6.6g/oz for some 360 brand Vodka flavors.

Until distillers officially release carbohydrate content information, why take the chance on hidden carbohydrates you do not need? Luckily you can replicate a lot of the flavors by simply using plain vodka along with sugar-free syrups. Torani and Da Vinci are the two sugar-free syrup leaders, both offering many quality options without the potential carb count of flavored vodka products. While originally created as coffee syrups, these flavored syrups work just as well for your mixology experiments. Other syrup brands may be available at places like Dollar Tree and World Market. Just check the label carefully to make sure the syrups do not contain sugar. In the case of Dollar Tree, their Cafe al Fresco syrup IS sugar-free, but it does not state it is a sugar-free product on the label.

The chart below gives someĀ  guidelines to creating your very own sugar-free vodka flavors (or download the pdf). As for ratio of vodka to flavored syrup, that can depend a great deal on vodka brand as well as brand of sugar-free syrup you are using. Start with 1oz of vodka to .5 oz of flavoring and adjust to taste from there.