Your diet could be messing with your head.

By Ed Duffy

Researchers have found increasing evidence that there is a strong connection between the stomach and what goes on there, and the brain, as well as other critical systems. The food you eat and the internal eco-system of critters it supports and chemicals it causes to be released has a direct impact on the way you feel, physically and mentally.

When you think of the human body as a complex vehicle; an engineering project, this actually makes good sense. Analyzing the food you're ingesting can provide information about the environment that the other senses miss. The chemical make up of the apple you ate can indicate the level of nutrients in the soil, chemicals in the air, climate conditions and other things the conscious mind may not be aware of, but that the body can make adjustments for without consulting the driver.

The presence or absence of certain chemicals and minerals may cause the release of chemicals to make you more or less active; get more or less sleep or be more or less aggressive. In short, your body would put you in the optimum mental and physical state of readiness, given the perceived conditions.

Now introduce highly processed, genetically modified and preservative laden foods. The body is dealing with chemicals and inputs that aren't part of the algorithm. Such a scenario could lead to things like a nation on Prosac, or chronic disease, or an obesity epidemic as the body thinks it's starving even as it's taking in massive amounts of "food".

It's like if you were wondering what to wear on a long hike, checked the weather forecast and found it was going to be partly spurlinkity today with a chance of gerherzaphobin. What do you do with that information?

If you're feeling out of sorts; if your experiencing mood swings; if you just don't feel right; try paying more attention to what you're ingesting. Are you giving your brain and other vital systems an accurate report of conditions outside or are you just providing useless gibberish?